The Mystic Moon Calendar

Self Illumination & Lifestyle Design by the Light of the Moon.



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This calendar was developed for modern women like yourself:

Passionate, driven, creative, sensual, biz savvy, heart centered, and growth oriented. The kind of woman who pursues her dreams and wants to leave a legacy of love in her wake.

“I’ve got my moon…”

Like most busy women out there that are up to big things in the world, you’ve probably resented your menstrual cycle, hidden it away, and even feared it’s monthly approach.

Let’s be honest, who likes cramps, spotting and tampons getting in the way of their busy life!?

If you no longer have your menstrual cycle, you’re likely still noticing massive shifts going on in your body. Without tracking those shifts, and how they relate to the moon, you’re back at square one. It’s not as if society has helped us to embrace our body’s changes or our monthly visitor. We’ve been taught to keep our cycles private and out of view. Even as young girls, we feared blood seeping through our pants at school. Now, as women, we often worry about it getting in the way of both intimacy and our business schedules. Or maybe, we fear losing a connection to our femininity as our hormones change and we stop menstruating altogether. While this calendar isn’t going to stop your cycle from coming every month, it IS going to change how to relate to it, and your body, and your workflow too!

I promise you: it’s going to make life seem a heck-of-a-lot easier. I know that it has worked wonders for me.

The Creator & The Astrologer

Heather Pennell

THE CREATOR of The Essence Oracle

Hello Wild Moon Woman, I’m Heather, the creator of The Mystic Moon Calendar. This beautiful gift has come together through years of research and practice into the esoteric arts. When I was only 11 years old I discovered ancient practices, and ceremonies that honor the cycles of nature. For years I hid my spiritualist side away out of fear, though I was practicing a wide range of modalities. It wasn’t until I started my first business in my early 20’s that I felt safe enough to share all of who I am, a true seeker. From then on I dove head on into esoteric wisdom, shadow work, and transformational psychology, making it a core principle in my life. By doing so I’ve accomplished many of my wildest dreams and goals. I’ve been able to host retreats in secluded mountain ranges in Mexico, have my work featured and published on hundreds of websites, and all the while develop a profound connection to my inner mystic through a wide range of in-depth trainings.  I created this calendar so you too could gain access to the hidden wisdom teachings that have impacted my life in such profound ways. I’m so glad you’re here, welcome to the power of the moon!

Learn more about the creative mind behind the calendar.

Viginia Rosenberg

THE ASTROLOGER of Heavenly Bodies Healing

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist with an international reach. Her approach to astrology is unique and perfect for this project because it is blended with her love for womanhood and the human body. The first yoga class she ever taught was titled “Celestial Rhythm Yoga,” and focused on embodying current astrological themes. Virginia has gone above and beyond to provide you with a comprehensive look on how your moon sign is impacting your life, business and your menstrual cycle. This in depth, and highly innovative, information is unlike anything you’ve seen before. You won’t find this life changing guide in the back of any magazine, or other astrological source out there, it’s only right here in The Mystic Moon Calendar.

Learn more about the story behind the calendar.

Calendar Value

  • Make more money by being in flow with your work week with easy scheduling tricks
  • Design your dream schedule after you discover your personal high and low energy phases
  • Increase productivity and sales by planning business activities during peak times
  • Enhance your Intuition by becoming deeply in tune with your body and nature’s cycles
  • Have easier menstrual periods by healing your relationship with your cycle

What’s Included in Your Digital Download

  • A Complete Astrological Guide, with personalized components, to help you plan your upcoming weeks and business activities with ease.
  • 12 divinely designed calendar pages with corresponding full moon art that you can hang on your wall.
  • A Menstrual cycle planner that will change the way you experience the world forever.
  • Access to an invite only Essence Oracle Tribe with other entrepreneurial mystic moon ladies where you can get feedback directly from Virginia and Heather on both business and your moon cycle.
  • Access to free training calls to further amplify the use of this knowledge in your business and your life – you don’t have to figure it out all on your own!
  • A community of like-minded, heart centered, powerful entrepreneurs to share, connect and network with.
  • And you’ll be the first to know when Heather and Virginia release more powerful information and tools to help you on your path.

Calendar Beauty

For each month in the calendar you’ll notice a unique full moon - hand painted by yours truly.

(That’s me, Heather!) 

To do this, I made a sacred practice of connecting into the full moon of each month (which have their own names by the way) to bring forth the paintings you see.

Printed in colour, or in black and white, they radiate a powerful energy and blessing upon you and your dreams.

You’ll learn more about each of these moons, and the specific gift they provide, within your own moon calendar. (Oh, and I won’t be surprised to hear how you printed it and hung in on your wall as a beautiful art piece!)

Not only was this calendar made to be stunningly beautiful, it was designed with functionality in mind.

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to track your cycle, the moon, along with your physical and emotional states. That way you can easily begin to see patterns arising. Within 2 to 3 months, you’ll be able to see exactly which days are ‘high energy days’ versus ‘low energy days’, so you can schedule your tasks around these powerful rhythms. The comprehensive guide will explain exactly how to do this, and how to make the most of the information you gather.

It’s time to begin your journey toward more ease, flow and connection in your life.


Get Your Digital Download of The Mystic Moon Calendar & The Guide Today…

Learn how to increase your productivity, creativity, and flow – For just $19.00

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