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Learn to Live in Harmony with Your Menstrual Cycle!

Get the Life, Love & Relationships You Desire…


Other women have tapped into this ancient wisdom and created a lifestyle of wealth, pleasure, and freedom… learn how today.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding, let alone befriending, your ‘monthly visitor?’

Women have been taught that our moon time is gross, painful and to be hidden away.

As young girls, we feared blood seeping through our pants at school. Now, as women, we often worry about it getting in the way of both intimacy and our work schedules.  

Or maybe, we fear losing the connection to our femininity as our hormones change and we stop menstruating altogether.

But at some point, it’s normal to wonder – is there another way – a way that isn’t based on fear?

Perhaps a way to love your monthly cycle, to appreciate the wonders of being a woman.

Maybe, just maybe, we are blessed rather than cursed.

For thousands of years, women have conducted their lives by being in intimate relationship with the moon.

They recognized how lunar patterns correlated with their monthly cycle and used this wisdom to create harmony and grace in their daily routines and relationships.

And you – wild woman – can learn how to do this too.


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Learn the Ancient Secrets of the Moon

The Mystic Moon System reveals ancient techniques that will help you reinvent your life.

You’ll learn how to:


  • Have easier menstrual periods by healing your relationship with your cycle
  • Plan your weekly activities in a way that actually works for your body, mind and soul
  • Make more money by being in flow with your work week with easy scheduling tricks
  • Create growth opportunities by knowing when to ask for more and rarely hear ‘no’ – all based on your hormones!
  • Enhance your Intuition by becoming deeply in tune with your body and nature’s cycles
  • Become a powerhouse of a woman who knows what she wants and loves her body
  • Use foods & herbs to nourish your cycle for more balanced moods, glowing skin and more.
  • Track your monthly cycle and take charge of your fertility
  • Connect deeply to your own personal cycles and learn how to communicate changes to your partner
  • Reclaim ancient women’s wisdom surrounding fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, loss & more.
  • Experience ease and enjoyment while learning about your cycle!

The Mystic Moon Guide is Jam-Packed with Deep Feminine Wisdom & Practical Tools You Can Apply to Your Life Starting Today:


  • A Complete Moon Sign Astrological Guide, with personalized components, to help you plan your upcoming weeks and work activities with ease.
  • A herbal guide created by Clinical Herbalist, Angela Willard to support healing, physical, mental and emotional balance
  • A partner calendar designed to help you uncover how your needs, wants and desires shift from week-to-week and communicate these effectively
  • A simple nutritional guide to nourish your hormones and enhance your energy, mood and cycle.
  • 12 divinely designed calendar pages with corresponding full moon art that you can hang on your wall.
  • A Menstrual cycle planner that will change the way you experience the world forever in the very best way!
  • And you’ll be the first to know when Rising Woman releases more powerful information and tools to help you on your path.


I’m in! Send me the Mystic Moon System…

A step-by-step guide to reclaiming your energy and leading a purposeful life! – For just $19.00

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The Creators

You’re probably wondering, who are these ‘wild women?’

Hello, I’m Heather the Creator of the Mystic Moon System.

I remember the day I began my first menstrual cycle: I was 14 years old and my mother – a nurse – handled it quite well. But after a few years, my body did not. My cramps became uncontrollably painful, alongside a bucket-load of other symptoms that led me to being barely functional for days at a time.

I turned to my doctor to help me manage it, and she recommended birth control. I had begun to dread the arrival of my period, so it made sense to avoid it by doing quarterly cycles instead of monthly ones.

While it seemed like the right decision at the time, I later realized the havoc this wreaked on my body’s natural rhythms. After about 7 years of being on birth control, I decided it was time to get back in touch with myself.  I went off of birth control and began using natural practices to track my cycle and fertility.  

The tracking was fairly easy, but the subsequent acne, scarring, emotional turmoil, and intense anxiety that’s part of a massive hormonal imbalance was not. It took me a good 3 years to finally come back to some semblance of balance, and it’s still a work in progress.  

But during this time I realized something, as an entrepreneur, I was pushing through my cycle rather than flowing with it.  I’d schedule meetings, photoshoots, and big work days right in the middle of points in my cycle when I was least effective – when my best action step would have been self-care and introspection.

It was around this time that I met my best friend and business partner Sheleana Aiyana.  She had spent a great deal of time researching and learning the ancient arts of womb wisdom, to heal her own body, and began sharing her discoveries with me.  Aided by her depth of research and my personal determination, I started to make some radical changes in the way I lived my life.

After experiencing massive benefits from scheduling in alignment with my menstrual cycle, I decided that this information needed to be shared with the world. Shortly afterward the first iteration of the Mystic Moon System was released.

Sheleana and I have come together to co-author and enhance the Mystic Moon System. Our new version includes a Partner Calendar, Herbal Guide, and Cycle Mapping Tools that will take you even deeper into your divine feminine journey.

This ancient practice has long been lost in our modern society, and as a result, women have been pushing against their natural way of being.  We struggle forward, tapping into our masculine side far beyond what is healthy, and, ultimately, burn out.

We created this system to help you more deeply discover the beautiful, luminous mystery of who you really are. With it you will learn things about yourself that will expand your mind, and things will never be the same again. Once you have clear, concrete proof of how your cycle influences everything in your life from relationships to work, you’ll have the ability to powerfully guide your life in the direction you want!


The Mystic Moon System is your answer to creating a purposeful life, and becoming a woman who knows her body, and trusts her inner wisdom.

Learning how to use your Mystic Moon Superpowers isn’t difficult, in fact, this process is designed to be pleasurable and fun! This is the kind of information every young girl should have received at the onset of her first period. By saying yes to knowing and loving your cycle, you’re creating ripples of change in the world for all of the women around you, and all of the women who follow.

Practically, this wisdom can prevent a whole lot of heartache and help you feel more in control of your life. Ever had a moment where your own “bad mood” caught you or someone you love by surprise? Or how about finding yourself exhausted and over-committed?

Calendar Beauty

Each month you'll find a beautiful watercolor moon paired with

stunning hand-drawn herbs to guide your monthly journey.


Our artwork is made with big love and sacred intentions.

You’ll learn more about each of these moons along with the herbs and the specific gifts they provide, within your own moon calendar. (Oh, and I won’t be surprised to hear how you printed it and hung in on your wall as a beautiful art piece!)

Not only was this calendar made to be stunningly beautiful, it was designed with functionality in mind.

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to track your cycle, the moon, along with your physical and emotional states. That way you can easily begin to see patterns arising.

Within 2 to 3 months, you’ll be able to see exactly which days are ‘high energy days’ versus ‘low energy days’, so you can schedule your tasks around these powerful rhythms.

The comprehensive guide will explain exactly how to do this, and how to make the most of the information you gather.


It’s time to begin your journey toward more ease, flow and connection in your life.


Get Your Digital Download of The Mystic Moon Calendar & The Guide Today…

A step-by-step guide to reclaiming your energy and leading a purposeful life! – For just $19.00

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