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What Does the Moon Really Have to Do With This?

Since you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to say that you’re at least somewhat open to the world of astrology. You believe that there are bigger forces at play than the both of us, and that the Universe is a beautiful, vast, interconnected space.
So, it’s not a wild notion that the motions and gravity of something as significant as the moon, or the planet Venus, for example, could affect more here on Earth than just the tides…

Astrology is a HUGE field, and can quickly become really, really overwhelming. Getting a grasp on the different terminology, symbolic meanings and complex mathematics behind it all is a pretty tough task, especially when your main focus in life is trying to build and maintain a successful business.

I felt that way too, so I started easy. I began by just paying attention to the activity of the moon along with my mind and body. It felt like the right first step, seeing as every single month I went through my own cyclical process, just as the moon did. I couldn’t have anticipated how much impact that simple action would make.

After just a few weeks of some journaling and observation, I was blown away by the patterns and secrets which began to reveal themselves.  As I applied this wisdom, and changed my schedule to align with my natural cycles, everything began to open up.  My intuition deepened, my flow states expanded, my productivity was enhanced, and my overall my success blossomed in new ways.

The best part? – It felt GOOD. I no longer questioned why certain days I struggled to share myself with the world, while on others everything seemed to work with such ease. It all made sense. Planning my weekly schedules to match my own cycle made it feel like I had found the ‘easy button’ in my life.

Now, as I mentioned before, astrology can seem like a daunting realm. But, fortunately I have found the perfect woman to help us both understand and fully integrate this lost wisdom.

Meet Virginia Rosenberg, Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist.


In my first conversation with Virginia, I knew without a doubt that she was the ideal astrologer to work with to provide more depth to the moon calendar guide. In fact the first yoga class she ever taught was titled “Celestial Rhythm Yoga,” and focused on embodying current astrological themes. (Pretty epic, right?)

Virginia went through an experience similar to mine: after years on birth control, transitioning off of it brought on menstrual and hormonal difficulties.  She began tracking her cycle in order to realign herself with her body’s natural wisdom.

Virginia is also an entrepreneur and has been using her astrological expertise to help guide her scheduling for years. Like me, she discovered and was able to utilize the profound effects this system was having on her life.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my chart read by Virginia, and it was sincerely one of the most accurate and profound I’ve had in years. Unlike most astrologers out there, Virginia works primarily in an intuitive way. She then combined that with the tangible aspects of my chart, and explained them to me in a way that made my soul sing. It was a mirror of my destiny, and it reminded me of the power of my purpose based path.

I feel so blessed that Virginia has joined with me to add thorough astrological intelligence to the Moon Calendar Guide for you. She went above and beyond to explain your unique moon sign in depth, and how you can actually use this information to help heal your menstrual cycle.

Not only will you be getting Virginia’s astrological guidance in your Calendar, you’ll also be able to ask her questions and receive personalized feedback and support in our invitation only facebook group. (It’s pretty much the best business tool you can have in your back pocket!)

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