Who is The Essence Oracle, and why did she create The Mystic Moon Calendar?

Hello, I’m Heather Pennell aka The Essence Oracle.

The Mystic Moon Calendar is one of my greatest works of art, and my most profound gift to women like you.

I designed this calendar out of my own personal need for a tool that would help me resolve a lot of stress and overwhelm I was experiencing being an entrepreneur (while also helping me to track and balance my hormones.)

I quickly recognized that tracking my cycle, following the moon and scheduling based on that information would ultimately make everything in my life easier.

After much trial and error I discovered how to combine all of the tools I had been exploring in a way that is both easy, enjoyable and effective for women worldwide… That is how The Mystic Moon Calendar came to life.


Using this calendar and the guide has been one of my greatest success tools yet.

I’ve held retreats in secluded mountain ranges in Mexico, had my work featured and published on hundreds of websites, and all the while developed a profound connection to my inner mystic through a wide range of in-depth trainings.

This all made possible by following, and honouring, the rhythms of my body, the earth, and the universe.


Ready for that same ease and flow in your life?

How it all began…

I remember the day I began my first menstrual cycle: I was 14 years old and my mother – a nurse – handled it very well. But after a few years, my body did not. My cramps became uncontrollably painful, alongside a bucket-load of other symptoms that led me to being barely functional for days at a time.

I turned to my doctor to help me manage it, and she recommended birth control. I had begun to dread the arrival of my period, so it made sense to avoid it by doing quarterly cycles instead of monthly ones.

While it seemed like the right decision at the time, I later realized the havoc this wreaked on my body’s natural rhythms. After about 7 years of being on birth control, I decided it was time to get back in touch with myself.  I went off of birth control and began using natural practices to track my cycle and fertility.
The tracking was fairly easy, but the subsequent acne, scarring, emotional turmoil, and intense anxiety that’s part of a massive hormonal imbalance was not. It took me a good 3 years to finally come back to some semblance of balance, and it’s still a work in progress. (I highly recommend natural birth control alternatives!)

What about my Hormones?


Whether you choose to balance your hormones with natural supplements, lifestyle changes, or western medicine the first step towards wellness is tracking your menstrual cycle. By doing so you’ll have a powerful reference tool that will allow you to see all the minute changes that happen during the month. From there, you can share your results with a hormonal specialist (I’ve personally worked with naturopaths that are experts in women’s health) to create a personalized plan that will bring your cycle back into harmonious rhythm.

Lifestyle Design


During the three years I spent harmonizing my hormones I realized something that was having profoundly negative impact on my life; I was pushing through my cycle rather than flowing with it.

I’d schedule meetings, photo shoots, and big work days right in the middle of points in my cycle when I was least effective – when my best action step would have been self-care and introspection.
Thankfully, after much research and support from other experts on the topic, I found a way to schedule my work week that flowed with both the moon and my personal cycle.

My Dream Schedule


Creating my dream schedule has always been a top priority for me. While I always knew the types of tasks I loved to do, I didn’t realize how big of an impact the timing of events along with my menstrual cycle and the moon were having on my happiness.

Since fully integrating The Mystic Moon Calendar system I’m no longer confused about why I feel like a hermit at certain times during my cycle, or why I’m more extroverted and unstoppable during others.  

I’m able to plan ahead, and even set up special dates where the energy is at it’s highest in order to launch programs, products or services.

I’ve finally created a schedule that works – for me.

Why share these powerful secrets to success?

This ancient practice has long been lost in our modern society, and as a result, women have been pushing against their natural way of being.  We struggle forward, tapping into our masculine side far beyond what is healthy, and, ultimately, burn out.
We’ve lost connection with one of the most powerful resources we have available to us, every minute of every day: the intuitive cosmic intelligence of our bodies. Your body is immensely powerful, and full of wisdom, but when you do not listen, or follow along with its cycle, you lose sight of these gifts.  Your intuitive capabilities diminish further and further, until you are no longer connected to the greatest guidance system of all – your heart.

While your mind can provide you with so much, it is ultimately your heart that you need to go when making big decisions that test your limits. Without listening to your body, and nurturing your femininity, you become lost in overwhelm, distraction and resistance. In that space, the wisdom of your heart is barely recognizable.

I created this calendar to help you more deeply discover the beautiful, luminous mystery of who you really are.

With it you will learn things about yourself that will expand your mind, and things will never be the same again. Once you have clear, concrete proof of your feminine divinity, the entire world with open to you and your abundance will begin to flow.

It’s time to begin your journey toward more ease, flow and connection in your life.

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